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PicnicAI unlocks the patient medical record to enable faster and richer insights for life science companies


U.S. EMR Coverage


diseases in 10+ therapeutic areas



How it works

We unlock meaningful insights from medical records


Consented patients’ complete medical journeys, unlocked

Patients start by signing a HIPAA authorization and an informed consent form to enroll into a study. From there PicnicAI identifies everywhere the patient has received care.

Data Collected to Date

  • Records mapped to 50 states and 100K+ sites
  • 80+ Specialties and subspecialties

Full medical records across all sites of care

PicnicAI digitally retrieves all medical records, irrespective of care setting, data type, and file format.

Rapid Data Collection Across Sites

  • 30M+ notes retrieved to date
  • Records spanning 50+ years of care

AI-driven structuring of data

Our personalized and fine-tuned medical LLM is the most accurate model for structuring records and identifying key data elements based on your data model.

Heterogeneously Trained Model

  • 350M+ clinical endpoint labels
  • Diverse patient populations
  • 3X better performance than GPT-4 for clinical names entity recognition
  • 47% better performance than leading medical LLMs when abstracting over records
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Meaningful insights based on your research needs

By combining information across your patient population's records, we can transform data into meaningful insights.

Stronger Insights

  • 50+ publications
  • Research in 40+ diseases and 10+ therapeutic areas
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Faster, more efficient, and stronger insights

Fast Access and Retrieval

We’ve built pipelines with every major care site to digitally retrieve a medical record from anywhere.

High Quality Insights

Programmatic quality controls and PicnicAI’s industry-leading LLM ensures high quality and meaningful insights based on your research questions.

Flexible Data Model

PicnicAI’s efficient mapping, structuring and abstraction capabilities enable flexible, painless clinical endpoint updates.

Increased Patient Engagement

By providing curated records back to patients, PicnicAI enables 98% patient retention year-over-year.


 min read
LLMD: A Large Language Model for Interpreting Longitudinal Medical Records
This preprint introduces LLMD, a large language model (LLM) that uses medical records to characterize patient health over time, and isdeployed today in applications that improve health outcomes andpower clinical research. Along with general medical knowledge,LLMD is trained on labeled longitudinal medical records, givingit unique advantages over LLMs trained on knowledge alone, onunlabeled records, or on records from a single health system. Weshow that LLMD learns to make nuanced connections in information covering years of patient care documented across facilities,and that these are critical to real-world accuracy
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Building a Personal Medical AI
An overview of structuring, abstraction and all the nuance that comes with building a personalized medical AI.
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The Role of AI in Observational Research | Q&A with PicnicHealth Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Troy Astorino
This week PicnicHealth unveiled PicnicAI, an AI-driven platform designed to rapidly unlock universal medical records and deliver accurate insights for patients and life science companies.