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An adaptable platform helping life science companies meet study endpoints faster and with full transparency.

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Why life science leaders choose PicnicHealth

More efficient

30%-50% cheaper than a traditional site-based model.

Faster results

Study kickoff to first patient in as fast as 2 weeks, recruitment as fast as 4 months, and participant data available days after enrollment.

Engaged, diverse participants

98% patient retention year-over-year. Patients are recruited based on your study needs and FDA diversity mandates.

Insight and flexibility

Real-time visibility and transparency into every aspect of the study. Access to deep comprehensive patient data to understand your population and adapt your study at any time to your changing needs.

Direct connection to patients

A direct relationship with patients that enables us to capture medical records across all sites of care and collect PROs and other patient-generated data with ease.

Low or no site burden

Run virtual or hybrid studies. With any study design, remove all the unnecessary work from sites that they don’t want to be doing.


We start with a consented patient

We take a fundamentally different approach to observational research by working directly with consented patients.


Full medical records, across all sites of care

Our proprietary engine blankets the country — connecting into every provider practice, every site, and every lab where a participant has clinical records — and pulls that data directly into a curated study database.


AI-driven, human verified

PicnicHealth uses both AI and trained clinical abstractors to curate the study database from source records. We are able to do 100% source data verification via human review and automated checks. By combining AI and clinical abstractors we are able to achieve faster and higher quality results.


PicnicHealth by the numbers

Patient retention year-over-year
2 weeks
from study launch to First Patient In
publications using PicnicHealth data to date

Better research starts at patient value

Our direct-to-patient approach allows patients to contribute to studies from their homes -- rather than at a research site. Patients also receive access to a curated view of their medical records.

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Real-time updates and flexibility to adapt

An adaptable system that can support both hybrid and virtual studies to ensure that your study can be managed efficiently, regardless of the operational model.

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